Version history

Product: Service Management Connector
Latest release: v3.5.2128.2
Release date: February 2021


Version 3.5.23179.1

  • Fixed: SCOM alerts not processed if more than 10 selected
  • Added: Number of alerts processed simultaneously can be configured

Version 3.5.2128.2

  • Changed: Windows service startup type setto Automatic (Delayed Start)
  • Added: CustomFields in SCOM can be updated

Version 3.4.20135.1

  • Added: application passwords for authenticationto TOPdesk
  • Changed: default authentication method forconnecting to TOPdesk is set to application password

Version 3.3.2059.1

  • Added: TOPdesk SLA field can be set

Version 3.3.19277.1

  • Changed: SCOM monitor alerts are not closed
  • Fixed: default config file contains wrong .NETversion number
  • Fixed: owner field in SCOM cannot be written to
  • Fixed: dll missing in the installer
  • Added: SCOM SDK connection cache configurable inconfig file


  • Changed: Uniform usage of TicketID and AlertID
  • Changed: Microsoft .NET Version 4.7.2 required
  • Fixed: Service crash during configuration update
  • Fixed: Service crash during mapping file updateusing Notepad++
  • Fixed: Encrypted passwords after configurationupdate
  • Fixed: Several uncaught exceptions
  • Added: TLS 1.2 support


  • Changed: Polling interval is now optional. Default value is 300 seconds
  • Changed: Minimum TOPdesk polling interval set to300 seconds
  • Changed: Increased TOPdesk REST API call delay
  • Changed: Number of pages during TOPdesk pollingis set to 100
  • Changed: TOPdesk External Number field used foralert registration
  • Fixed: TOPdesk polling failure due too internalserver error
  • Fixed: Service crash during mapping file update
  • Added: Time zone support whithin the mapping file
  • Added: Verification of ConnectionType in config file
  • Added: Verification of regex expression in mapping file


  • Changed: Usage of TimeRaised instead ofTimeAdded in SCOM
  • Fixed: Casting exceptions on SCOM alert severityand datetime properties
  • Fixed: Reset SCOM monitor if corresponding alertis closed
  • Fixed: Several uncaught exceptions
  • Fixed: TOPdesk token timeout causing the serviceto crash
  • Added: Bidirectional behavior to update anexisting ticket or source alert
  • Added: Example mapping file covering most commonscenario’s added to installer
  • Added: Additional events on TOPdesk polling and SCOM monitor reset
  • Added: Regex support on the target elementwithin the mapping file


  • Changed: New codebase. Completely new designed,developed and rewritten software
  • Changed: New mapping XML structure
  • Changed: New subscription license
  • Changed: Use of a knowledge base instead ofinstallation manual
  • Added: Connection to multiple applicationsystems
  • Added: Bidirectional communication between SCOMand TOPdesk
  • Added: Encrypted passwords
  • Added: Use of TOPdesk REST API
  • Added: Multiple alerts are handledsimultaneously
  • Removed: Date/Time fields are not supported inthe new XML structure
  • Removed: Task in SCOM to open TOPdesk incidentcard
  • Removed: Upgrade support


  • Changed: Documentation about using anon-standard http port for TOPdesk
  • Changed: Default mapping.xml file missed aregular expression on the short description mapping


  • Added: Added SCOM 2016 support
  • Added: Changed Microsoft .Net system requirements


  • Installer improvements
  • Changed: Removal of the service and event log isnow working correctly
  • Added: Upgrade support, uninstalling the oldversion is not needed anymore
  • Added: Ability to import the management packautomatically during installation
  • Added: Ability to remove the SCOM ProductConnector automatically during removal
  • Added: Custom installation folder isautomatically changed in the configuration file
  • Added: Licensing has been added
  • Added: SCOM reconnection will be attempted whenSCOM is not available during service start
  • Added: Service discovery interval is nowoverridable
  • Added: SCOM Console Task added to open theTOPdesk incident card directly from SCOM
  • Added: Closed SCOM Alerts are untagged by the connector
  • Added: Improved error handling


  • Added: SCOM Alert properties are now allowed tocontain NULL values
  • Added: Special characters (vb. %, (, \, $, etc.)are preserved
  • Version
  • Stability improvements
  • Added: SCOM Alerts that failed to generate aTOPdesk incident card in TOPdesk will be retried by The Backbone TOPdeskConnector
  • Added: Dropped SCOM connection will now berestored
  • Added: The SCOM Alert resolution state will only change when a TOPdesk incident card has been created
  • Improved error handling
  • Added: New SCOM Management Pack for insight into connector status, processing of SCOM Alerts and potential connector errors
  • Added: Verbose logging function
  • Added: Configurable Logging level
  • Changed: Configurable installation folder duringthe installation
  • Added: All SCOM Alert properties are availablefor filling the TOPdesk incident card fields

Version 1.2

  • Added: Possibility to define multiple resolutionstate and severity conversion tables
  • Added: Filling date/time fields in the TOPdeskincident card based on creation date/time, relative or absolute

Version 1.1

  • Added: Changing the SCOM Alert resolution statebased on a resolution value
  • Added: Filtering SCOM Alert property valuesbased on regular expressions
  • Added: Converting SCOM Alert severity based on aconversion table
  • Version 1.0: Initial version
  • Added: Creating an TOPdesk incident card inTOPdesk
  • Added: Feedback of TOPdesk incident numbertowards the Ticket ID field in the SCOM Alert
  • Added: Static data for filling fields in theTOPdesk incident card
  • Added: SCOM Alert property for filling a fieldin the TOPdesk incident card
  • Added: Polling interval configurable
  • Added: Username and password configurable

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