Product information and system requirements

For many organizations it is preferable, for the correct processing of incidents, to add Monitoring Tool alerts to the incident workflow.
This prevents an employee of having two ‘worklists’, one in Monitoring Tool and one in the IT Service Management tooling (ITSM).
With the Service Management Connector manual actions in the process are automated and Monitoring Tool Alerts will (semi-)automatically be added as an ITSM incident card. The employee now has his worklist exclusively in the ITSM tool.

Currently System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is supported as Monitoring Tool.

TOPdesk requirements

Supported platforms

  • TOPdesk version 8 or higher

Network connectivity

See Monitoring tool specific requirements.


  • Operator account: full REST API access and view all groups permissions
  • Caller account: to address the incident card to. A configured email address in TOPdesk. There is no need for a mailbox

Monitoring tool specific requirements

The system were the Service Management Connector is installed, needs to have the .NET framework version 4.7.2 or higher.

For SCOM specific information and requirements see SCOM – Product information and system requirements

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