Introduction to the Service Management Connector

Usage of monitoring tools is increasing rapidly and with the growing amount of data, organizations are struggeling to make sure that alerts are processed correctly so downtime is prevented if possible. Most organizations will recognize the pitfall of a monitoring tool not aligned with the incident management process. The Service Management Connector helps to overcome this pitfall and makes sure that important alerts are handled according the incident process and both tools are in sync with each other.

The Service Management Connector helps to create incidents within the IT Service Management (ITSM) application based on alerts in the monitoring application. With minimal effort or even automatically incidents can be created including the required information to get a colleague started to solve the problem. The incident number will be returned to the monitoring application to help monitoring users find relevant information within the ITSM application about the status of an alert.

In the figure below, an example can be found of a TOPdesk incident card generated based on a SCOM alert.

getting started

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