Bidirectional Mapping File

From Service Management Connector version and higher, it is possible to update the TOPdesk incident or the SCOM Alert. The attribute is disabled by default, but can be enabled by adding it to the Mapping element. The function will only update the Mapping elements where the attribute has the value true. The other elements will be skipped.

Enable Bidirectional Function

The Bidirectional Function can be enabled by adding the applyOnUpdate attribute to the Mapping element. The code below shows an example on enabling the Bidirectional function.

<mapping applyOnUpdate="true">
    <source name="Operator" type="query" value="//operator/name" />
    <target name="Owner" value="{Operator}"/>

Disable Bidirectional Function

If the Bidirectional function is enabled and it needs to be disabled, remove the applyOnUpdate attribute in the Mapping element or replace the value “true” with “false”.

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